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Digital coupons are a small part of overall coupon distribution and redemption, which is dominated by free-standing inserts FSIs. Trouble Brewing for Digital Coupons. All sites are served with a focus on shops and services for the local coupon audience.

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When you click on a coupon , you won't be re-directed to another site, allowing you to remain connected with Facebook while shopping for coupons. Getting social with coupons: new coupon app allows users to include Facebook friends.

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Forget about being the year of the Golden Tiger--it was the year of the coupon. A banner year for coupons. As this number grows to where Internet companies establish a secure base of coupon clickers, they are likely to improve their service and grow faster. But coupon clippers are of a different tribe -- one that likes to quickly sort through the stacks of newsprint and shove aside the latest sports, business and political news for the week's juiciest savings opportunities.

Online coupon programs are spurring customer loyalty, driving store traffic and increasing redemption rates.

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As Zuckoff expertly explains, his subject's eureka moment came while examining an International Reply Coupon , a certificate meant to facilitate the flow of mail between countries. Riches to rags: how legendary fraud Charles Ponzi's schemes crumbled. To complete your subscription, please check your inbox for a recent email from Allbusiness Editors.

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